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I have a few names, Vraja Kishor, Vic DiCara, and a few others according to my grandparents, kids, mom, wife, etc. ;). I fell in love with Sanskrit at first sight, about 20 years ago. Previous to that I was in love with Tolkien’s Elvish scripts – and the first time I saw a Sanskrit alphabet I felt like I discovered where the magic of Elvish came from!

Until very recently, I never actually “studied” Sanskrit in a proper manner, which I think is an important qualification for being able to present it in a simple manner, “for the rest of us.” I know what I know of Sanskrit simply spending about 20 years reading and reciting it in classical spiritual literature like Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam; figuring out how to use Monier’s dictionary (no easy task!), and reading a book or two on grammar and structure here and there.

Currently, I am studying more formally and systematically with Śrī Satyanārāyaṇa dāsa Bābājī, in the Bhakti Tīrtha courses held at JĪVA Institute in Vṛndāvana.

Here are my other blogs:

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If you would be so kind to support the study and representation of Sanskrit language and literature, I would gratefully accept your donations. Here is a way to donate via paypal.


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Dear Vraja Kishor,

    Thank you for your posts. Like you, I am also self-taught in Sanskrit, and like you, I too started helping others learn Sanskrit, and like you I too have a Guru who has named me dharma purush.
    I’ve created a freely downloadable tutor for the language named SanskritaPradipika, which you may download from my website called sanskrit-lamp.in; and I also created a website for the Bhagavad Gita as well, named gitamritam.org. I would be delighted if you tried out both these resources. If you visit gitamritam.org, please use Chrome for your browser, and click on the About button to know what is possible to do at the website.

    With best wishes

    Sudhir Kaicker

  2. After almost 30 years of studying and practicing Eastern Philosophy, the past 15 years reveling in the Vedic scriptures– reading the English transliterations, I have finally become proficient at reading the Devanagari script. Like you, I immediately fell in love with the beauty of the Sanskrit alphasyllabary.

    I agree that tackling Molier’s Sanskrit dictionary is no small task! Thankfully, there are currently other online dictionaries that use Molier’s as its source, but they’re much easier to use.

    I appreciate you sharing your wisdom and teachings so selflessly on this and your other websites. Learning to read my

    Hari Om Tat slSat!


  3. Learning to read my favorite Vedic scriptures, Upanishads, Ramayana, bhajans, ecstatic poems, etc. , in Sanskrit has been such a joyous endeavor. Sanskrit is such a beautiful language. I’m glad there are now institutes in India and America dedicated to preserving the language and original scriptural documents.

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